New job: welcome to StiPP!

You have a new job as a temporary or seconded employee. Congratulations! You will now start accruing pension benefits at StiPP. We will tell you how we do this here.

TO DO on this page

  • Arrange transfer of accrued benefits
  • View and update details in Mijn StiPP Pensioen
  • Apply for DigiD

How do you accrue pension benefits at StiPP?



We are StiPP
The Pension Fund for Personnel Services (StiPP) is the pension fund for temporary workers and seconded employees.

Waiting time

Have you worked for the same employer for eight weeks? Then your employer will register you with StiPP and you will start accruing pension benefits. Your employer may register you before the end of eight weeks.





StiPP has two pension schemes

  1. Basic Plan
    - When do you accrue pension benefits in the Basic Plan? [scheme link]
    - Read the Basic Plan brochure

  2. Plus Plan
    - When do you accrue pension benefits in the Plus Plan? [scheme link]
    - Read the Plus Plan brochure

Go to Mijn StiPP Pensioen to see in which scheme you are accruing pension benefits.


Your employer will register you with StiPP. It will pass on your details to StiPP every month. StiPP will send your employer an invoice for the pension contribution. This is how you accrue pension benefits.









Transfer of accrued benefits?
You can take pension benefits you have accrued at another pension fund with you to StiPP. This is called value transfer. Read here whether this is a good choice for you and how to arrange value transfer. 

Always compare your old pension scheme carefully with the StiPP pension scheme before choosing value transfer! You can use the Value transfer request form to request value transfer.



Is your employer affiliated to StiPP?

An employer in the temporary employment and secondment sector is obliged to affiliate to StiPP. Some employers have StiPP’s consent to use a different pension scheme. On this list you can see if your employer is affiliated to StiPP. If your employer has no pension scheme for you at all, please contact the Foundation for Compliance with the Collective Agreements for Temporary Employees (SNCU).









View and update personal details

  • Your pension statement shows you how much pension you have accrued. You receive this statement by post or email between May and September each year.

  • Use your DigiD to log in to Mijn StiPP Pensioen.
    You will find all your personal pension information in one place here. You can also update your details here.

    No DigiD yet? Apply for your DigiD









Has your email address changed?
Are you planning to move abroad or change your address abroad?


Tell us PROMPTLY at Mijn StiPP Pensioen or use our contact form!

Then you will receive all our notices about your StiPP pension.


The municipality notifies us automatically of changes of address in the Netherlands. There is no need for you to tell us about them.



When can you expect contact from us?

An example

o 1 February

You start working for your new employer

o End of March

You have been working for the same employer for eight weeks. You start accruing pension benefits from this point on

o April

Your employer notifies StiPP how many hours you have worked in March and what your pay is

o End of April/beginning of May

You are registered and receive the welcome letter from StiPP


Pension 1-2-3 tells you what you do and do not receive under our pension scheme.