Your StiPP pension

You are working as a temporary employee or have been seconded to a company in the Netherlands. As a result you are accruing pension benefits at StiPP. These pension benefits will always be yours. Even if you stop working as a temporary or seconded employee. This is where you will find important information about your pension. Would you like more information about working and living in the Netherlands? Click here

Important moments for you and your pension


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How pension works



The three parts of your pension
There are three ways in which you accrue pension benefits:

  1. Dutch state pension (AOW): you receive this pension from the government if you live or work in the Netherlands.  You can read more about the Dutch state pension at
  2. Pension benefits you accrue through your employer. For example, your StiPP pension.
  3. Pension you arrange for yourself. For example, with an annuity or bank savings.

Pension contribution

Your employer pays a pension contribution to StiPP for you each month. In StiPP’s Basic Plan your employer pays the full contribution for you. If you are accruing pension benefits in the Plus Plan, you also pay a contribution of your own.


StiPP invests some of this contribution, which enables the amount of your pension to grow further. Investments can also fall in value.

Pension amount

The more pension benefits you accrue, the higher the amount you receive when you retire.









View and update personal details

  • Your pension statement shows you how much pension you have accrued. You receive this statement by post or email between May and September each year.

  • Use your DigiD to log in to Mijn StiPP Pensioen.
    You will find all your personal pension information in one place here. You can also update your details here.

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Has your email address changed?
Are you planning to move abroad or change your address abroad?


Tell us PROMPTLY at Mijn StiPP Pensioen or use our contact form!

Then you will receive all our notices about your StiPP pension.


The municipality notifies us automatically of changes of address in the Netherlands. There is no need for you to tell us about them.


  •  Pension 1-2-3 tells you what you do and do not receive under our pension scheme.