Invest your pension with lesser or greater risk?

If you are 57 or older, you can choose how you want to invest your pension up to your retirement date: with lesser or greater risk.

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What suits you best?







Investing for a fixed pension

  • For a fixed pension we reduce the risk of investing in small steps from age 57.
  • In this way we ensure you have greater certainty about the level of your pension benefit.

Investing for a variable pension

  • For a variable pension we do not reduce the risk of investing any further from age 59. This means you are taking more risk with your pension than with a fixed pension.

Your pension may grow if things go well. But you also run the risk of the investments generating less and both your pension capital and your pension benefit ending up lower.







When do you make your choice?


  1. Ten years before your retirement date, that is on your 57th birthday, you make a provisional choice:

    - If you choose to invest for a fixed pension, we take less risk with your investments from that point on.
    - If you choose to invest for a variable pension, we carry on taking a greater risk with your investments.
    - You can change your choice every month.

  2. On your retirement date you make a definitive choice for a fixed or variable pension benefit.









Need help with your choice?

One person is happy to take more of a risk than another. The following questions may help you decide:


  1. Do I want to run a greater investment risk in return for the expectation of a higher pension?
  2. Can I still get by if I receive less or far less pension?
  3. Will I still sleep well at night if the proceeds of the investments are temporarily or permanently worse than expected?

If you have answered ‘yes’ three times, investing for a variable pension may be something for you. But if you have answered ‘no’ three times, investing for a fixed pension may be a better option.


You will find more personal information about this choice at Mijn StiPP Pensioen.

  • Log in using your DigiD.
  • Then click on the grey ‘Choose your investment profile: fixed or variable’ bar.

A table and graph show you how your pension capital can change when you invest for a fixed or variable pension.







Tell us your choice as follows

You can tell us your choice via Mijn StiPP Pensioen.

  • Log in using your DigiD.
  • Click on the grey ‘Kies uw beleggingsprofiel: stabiel of variabel’ bar.
  • You will then go through a number of steps (in Dutch). At the end you can tell us your choice.

If you do not have access to Mijn StiPP Pensioen, StiPP will by default use the fixed investment profile for your pension. If you have decided on variable investment, tell us your choice using this form.










View and update personal details

  • Your pension statement shows you how much pension you have accrued. You receive this statement by post or email between May and September each year.

  • Use your DigiD to log in to Mijn StiPP Pensioen.
    You will find all your personal pension information in one place here. You can also update your details here.

    No DigiD yet? Apply for your DigiD









Has your email address changed?
Are you planning to move abroad or change your address abroad?


Tell us PROMPTLY at Mijn StiPP Pensioen or use our contact form!

Then you will receive all our notices about your StiPP pension.


The municipality notifies us automatically of changes of address in the Netherlands. There is no need for you to tell us about them.



Pension 1-2-3 tells you what you do and do not receive under our pension scheme.