Timeline of new pension scheme

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In the timeline below you will find the most important dates up to the full introduction of the new pension system. So you know what to expect and when.

1 July 2023 | Future of Pensions Act goes into effect
StiPP has until 1 January 2028 to switch to a new pension scheme.
2023 – 2025 | Making agreements about the new pension scheme
  • Employers and employees (social partners) in the temporary employment and secondment sector make agreements about stiPP's new pension scheme. Social partners shall ensure that they have a transition plan by 1 January 2025, stating which scheme they choose and why they choose this scheme. The plan also states how the transition from the old to the new scheme will proceed.
  • StiPP is working with social partners to further develop the new scheme. It is important that the pension scheme and the transition to the new pension scheme are balanced, feasible and explainable. Balanced means that the new regime does not strongly favour or disadvantage groups.
  • Before 1 July 2025 or earlier, StiPP will draw up a plan stating how it will implement the new pension scheme. This plan goes to De Nederlandsche Bank for approval.
  • In the coming years, StiPP will inform you about the new scheme, what you received in the old pension scheme and what you expect to receive in the new pension scheme.
After employment conditions | Start of transition to the new pension scheme
When the agreements about the new pension scheme are known, StiPP will implement the new pension scheme. It is expected that this implementation will take 2 years.
1 January 2028 | All pension funds are ready for the new pension rules
From 1 January 2028, the new rules will apply to everyone.