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Agreement on new pension scheme for temporary workers

Employees in the temporary employment and secondment sector will receive a new pension scheme from 1 January 2026. The social partners have agreed on the pension contribution and the distribution of contributions between employers and employees. This is a big step towards the new pension scheme for StiPP.

Agreement on pension contribution
The gross pension contribution in the new StiPP pension scheme is 23.4%. At least 20% is spent on the old-age pension. The remaining 3.4% is used for the survivor's pension, for premium exemption in the event of incapacity for work and for administration costs.

Distribution of employers' and employees' contributions
Employers will pay 15.9% pension contributions, employees will pay 7.5%. The latter is deducted from the gross salary. In the current StiPP plus scheme, everyone accrues a percentage of the pension base depending on age. In the new scheme, the premium is the same for everyone and therefore age-independent.

Flexible contribution scheme
StiPP's new pension scheme is a flexible contribution scheme. As a result, employees will continue to accrue pension in the same way. However, the basic and plus schemes will be replaced by one new pension scheme in which all temporary workers accrue pension from day one.

Transition to the new regime
The agreement is an important step towards a new pension scheme for temporary agency workers. In the coming months, the social partners and StiPP will further develop the new pension scheme and draw up a transition plan. The transition plan sets out what the scheme will look like in detail and how the transition from the old to the new scheme will take place. StiPP aims to switch to the new scheme as of 1 January 2026.

The negotiation agreement is subject to the consent of the members of the parties involved ABU, NBBU, FNV, CNV Vakmensen and De Unie.

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