Mission, vision and strategy

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Mission and vision

StiPP provides a supplementary pension provision for temporary agency workers and seconded workers and implements the pension agreement concluded by social partners in a careful and efficient manner. Employer and participants can be confident that StiPP will assign and award the correct pension contribution.

The choices that StiPP makes in the field of pension and asset management aim to allocate as much of every contributed euro as possible to the accumulation of pension capital.

StiPP fulfils its duty of care and does more where it is necessary.

The way in which StiPP communicates and organizes the administration is efficient, reliable and cost-conscious. This is appropriate to the characteristics of the participant population and the high mutation rate. The cost aspect is heavily weighted in all decisions made by the board.

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StiPP strives for a simple and transparent working method.

Pension management and implementation
The administrative processes are maximally automated and are set up as simply as possible at the lowest possible cost. StiPP offers participants options appropriate to the target group and the pension scheme. The emphasis is on good service for participants and employers and, where appropriate, on adequate complaint handling.

For employers, StiPP uses a thorough connection and collection process and carries out checks on connection and delivery based on a consistent enforcement policy.

The sector for temporary workers and seconded workers is characterized by short-term employment, often with a part-time character and often lower wages. This results in a relatively low contribution and a small size of the accrued pension capital for the majority of participants. Where possible, this accrued pension capital is transferred to another pension provider or bought off on the retirement date. For the remaining members, StiPP offers a lifetime nominal pension benefit on the retirement date.

StiPP communicates digitally and promotes the self-reliance of participants and employers. StiPP has a focus on the "life events-moments" with participants and "facilitation-moments" with employers. StiPP communicates in multiple languages.

Asset management
The investment policy is based on the risk attitude of the participants. In determining the investment policy, StiPP uses investment beliefs that are in line with the mission and vision of the fund. In line with developments, StiPP is moving towards a socially responsible investment portfolio. The investment policy includes a continuous evaluation and consideration of risk, return, costs and social responsibility. The effectiveness and efficiency in the implementation of the investment policy are paramount.