Six months before your 67th birthday, StiPP will send you an application form for your pension. This tells you precisely what you need to do and about the possible ways in which you can tailor your pension to your own requirements and preferences. You must then complete the application form in full and return it on time to StiPP.

You purchase an old-age pension

You build up a pension capital with StiPP. Contributions are paid in and we invest that money. When you retire, you use this capital sum to purchase an old-age pension (and possibly a dependants’ pension). You then receive a pension payment every month. If your pension capital is below € 12.161, you will receive your benefits in a lump sum. You can see the amount of your pension capital in Mijn StiPP Pensioen.

Investing for a variable or level pension?

If you are aged 57 or over, as a current or former participant you can choose between two different investment profiles. You can choose to invest for a variable or level pension. That means you can decide for yourself how you wish to invest your pension capital for the last 10 years before your retirement date. Read more about the difference between variable and level investment (Dutch).

Retiring early

You can stop working earlier, but that will affect the level of your pension because then you will accrue pension for less time and the pension will have to be paid out for longer. If you wish to retire before your 67th birthday, you must request this from StiPP yourself three months before you wish to retire. You can use the early retirement application form (Dutch) for this purpose.

Continuing to work after age 67

You can also defer your pension up to your 70th birthday. You cease to accrue pension after your 67th birthday and you must continue to work for the employer affiliated with StiPP throughout the deferment period. If you plan to continue working for longer, you should discuss this in good time with your employer.

A benefit for your partner

You may choose not to use all of the pension capital for your old-age pension but to arrange an additional benefit for your partner. You can state this on the application form.



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