mijn stipp pensioen

Your pension with StiPP

If you are a temporary worker, payroller or a seconded employee in the flexible employment sector, you may be accruing pension capital at StiPP. If you no longer work in the flexible employment sector, the pension capital you have accrued still belongs to you. You’ll find the most important information about your pension on this page.

You have pension capital at StiPP

If you work in the flexible employment sector, you accrue pension capital. Money goes into your pension investment account every month. That money is invested. The money deposited and the investment proceeds together make up your pension capital. When you retire you can use your pension capital to buy lifelong pension benefits. The amount of your pension therefore depends on the amount of money put in, the return on your investment and the cost of buying pension benefits.

You are no longer a member of StiPP’s pension plan

If you cease to be a member the pension capital already accrued still belongs to you. If this accrued pension works out at less than €419.35 a year, the money will be paid out as a lump sum after two years. We call this commutation. If you are eligible for commutation, StiPP will send you a proposal if you live in the Netherlands. If you live abroad, you will have to apply for commutation yourself.

If you live abroad

Let StiPP know your address. Only then can we inform you about your pension. Please do the same if you move house in a foreign country too.

You live abroad and receive a pension from StiPP

Every year, you will have to complete the form ‘Bewijs van in leven zijn’ at a Dutch Embassy, Dutch Consulate, your local registry of births, marriages and deaths or at a local civil-law notary to prove that you are still alive. Send this form to StiPP once a year. If you fail to do so, your retirement pension will cease to be paid.

Frequently asked questions

Can I cash in my pension?

This is possible if you meet two conditions. Your pension must be no higher than €419.35 a year (2016) and you can only cash in (commute) your pension if you left the company more than two years ago. If you live abroad, you will have to apply for commutation yourself by completing this form. If you live in the Netherlands, you will receive a proposal from StiPP automatically. There is no need to do anything in the meantime.

I’m nearly 65, when can I retire?

You can choose when to retire. If you want your pension to start at the same time as your Old Age Pension (AOW) benefits from the Dutch state, you don’t need to do anything. StiPP will send you an application form for your pension six months before you are due to receive your old age pension from the state. If you want to retire before reaching state pension age, you will have to apply for it yourself from StiPP three months before you want to retire. Read more about applying for your retirement pension.

Can I get a copy of my pension statement?

If you received a pension statement in 2015, you can download your pension statement here. You will need to log in first. If you don’t have a DigiD, you can request a copy by completing this form.  

How can I give you my new address?

If you move abroad, you will need to inform us of your new address. This applies even if you already live abroad and you move house there. StiPP will not be informed of your new address automatically. Let us know your new address here.

Do I need to register my partner?

You don’t need to register your partner. StiPP will contact your surviving dependants if you die.