Your pension benefit

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Your pension benefit

Do you stop accruing pension at StiPP? What happens to your pension capital depends on the amount of your pension capital at that time. There are two possibilities. Either you receive a monthly pension benefit, or you receive a one-off pension benefit. You will only receive this one-off pension benefit if your pension capital is lower than the surrender limit (€ 592.51 gross per year for 2024).

Your monthly pension benefit

You will receive your pension benefit from StiPP every month. This monthly benefit is purchased from the pension capital that you accrued at StiPP. You will receive this benefit until your death.

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Your one-off pension benefit

If you are eligible to surrender your pension, you will receive a message from us. Have you applied for surrender yourself and are you eligible for it? Then we will send you information.

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Tax declaration

If you receive a pension benefit or have surrendered your pension, you will receive an annual statement in February. You will need this for your tax return.

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