Investment policy StiPP

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Every month your employer (in the Plus scheme together with you) pays the pension contribution to StiPP. We invest this pension contribution for you. The pension contribution alone is not sufficient for a good pension. Saving also yields too little. That is why we invest, so that your pension capital can grow further. We do this in a socially responsible, understandable and manageable way. With attention to the long term and with a good balance between risk and return.

The board of StiPP determines the investment policy and has agreed on a number of principles for this, such as:

  • It is important to limit costs;
  • StiPP only invests in asset classes that the entire board understands;
  • Socially responsible investing is an integral element of the investment policy.

Investing comes at a cost. We like to keep these investment costs as low as possible. Because the fewer costs we incur, the more money is left for building up your pension.

We invest your pension capital to achieve a return for you. Investments can also fall in value. So you run investment risk.

Socially Responsible Investing
Our goal is to further grow your pension capital with the right investments. We do this by investing in organizations, companies and initiatives that take into account the world around us. We invest in a socially responsible manner.

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