Participants aged 47 to 67 years

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The older you are, the less risk we take with your pension money. This gives you more certainty about the amount of your pension. From the age of 47, we gradually reduce the investment risk. The share of business values (shares and real estate) continues to decrease and the fixed income part of long-term and medium-term is gradually increasing. Fixed income securities (e.g. bonds) are less risky than corporate assets and generally achieve a lower yield. Because fixed income securities are less risky, the accrual of your pension capital is more stable.

The figure below shows the investment mix for a stable pension per age group.


Choice between a stable or variable pension

As a (former) participant of 57 years or older, you can make a so-called provisional choice . This is a choice for a way of investing. You can then choose between investing for a stable or variable pension. Ultimately, you choose on your retirement date whether you want to receive a stable or variable pension.

The figure below shows the investment mix for a variable pension per age group.

More information about this choice can be found on the page about Stable or variable pension.

More information about stable or variable pension

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