What will change at StiPP?

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At StiPP you accrue pension in a contribution scheme. In the new pension system, everyone will accrue pension in a contribution scheme. That is why the transition will probably have less impact on you as a participant at StiPP compared to the impact on participants of other pension funds. Keep in mind that certain rules also change for StiPP. On our website you will find the most up-to-date information.

The transition to the new pension system

StiPP expects the transition to the new pension system to be easier at StiPP compared to many other pension funds. At many pension funds, pension is accrued through a benefit agreement. This means that the fund will convert the promised pension benefits into pension capital. This does not apply to StiPP. Your current pension at StiPP already consists of a pension capital, which is built up by contributions paid by you and your employer and the investment returns of recent years.

The employers' and employees' organisations in the temporary employment and secondment sector (social partners) determine what the new pension scheme looks like. Keep an eye on our website and e-newsletter for the most up-to-date information.