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StiPP is satisfied with the outcome of the 'Fair Pension Guide' study

Research by 'Fair Pension Guide' shows that StiPP is the only one of the pension funds surveyed not to invest in manufacturers that supply weapon systems to 'wrong countries'. These are countries where there is a significant risk that weapons will be used to violate the laws of war or human rights. We are satisfied with this outcome of this study. But also know that there is still plenty to do in the field of sustainability and responsible investment. StiPP will therefore take further steps in the coming years to achieve its sustainable goals.

More information about our socially responsible investment policy (SRI) can be found here. The SRI annual report for 2022 was also recently published. Here you can read what we have done in 2022 in the field of responsible investment and what our ambitions and objectives are for the future.





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