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On this page you can read all about how StiPP performs in different areas

Investment returns

The amount of your pension depends on the investment returns. Every quarter StiPP therefore publishes its investment results.

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Implementation costs

The lower the costs of the pension fund, the more money is left for your pension. StiPP therefore tries to keep the cost level as low as possible.

Read more about the implementation costs of StiPP

Financial situation

The policy funding ratio is the financial indicator of a pension fund. A funding ratio of 100% means that for every euro that we have to pay in pension now or in the future (the liabilities), we also have exactly one euro in cash.

View the current funding ratio of StiPP

Surcharge policy

The available pension capital is converted into a nominal (constant) pension benefit on the retirement date. StiPP does not increase your pensions purchased on retirement date. Your pension benefit will therefore not increase if the prices of products and services (price inflation) rise. StiPP has increased the pension in the past.

View inflation and indexation over past years

Annual reports

In the annual report, the board reports on the policy pursued. The annual accounts are also included in the annual report.

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